Short Story : Lhok Nga Beach

At the end of second semester ago, my class conducted tours to Lhok Nga Beach. We decided to go to Lhok Nga beach by renting a bus. That day was very enjoyable holiday for us because we went together to relieve our fatigue after having a final exams.

Lhok Nga beach tour was started at 08:00 in the morning. Our trip to the beach spent time for 2 hours on the way. There are so many stories and experience which we had there. We sang all time along our way till two hours did not seem for us. Instead we felt the time passed quickly.

We arrived at 10:00 am at Lhok Nga Beach. We cannot wait to feel the happiness in Lhok Nga beach which is famous for its beauty. After our bus was parked, we headed to hut to put our stuff there. Even there some my friends were already heading to the beach. After that we went to replace our clothes to swim.

We were very pleased and happy to play on the beach. There were so many activities that we did on that day, such as swimming, playing water, chasing each other on the sea shore and riding banana boat. Even I was buried in the sand by my friends until my whole body covered with sand beach. We all played on the beach up to two hours.

Right at 12 o’clock, we had arrest for lunch. We opened stock that we cared from our home. We ate together near the lodge by making a circle. We felt as big family and togetherness atmosphere at that time. We also shared food one another. That moment is so unforgettable.

After having a meal, we took a rest with lounging around the beach. One of my friends which can good playing guitar began to play his guitar and we sang together. After being pleased with singing, we went to enjoy the beauty of the beach once again. There were some of my friends swim back, but there were also who went shopping around the coast. I enjoyed the beauty of the beach by sitting on the beach.

At 4:00 pm, we started to clean up, take a shower and change our clothes for go home. Before returning home, we took a picture together as our fond memories. The day was very fast and we also had to go home. At 6:00 pm, we arrived at the school. After that, we went to home each other. It was a wonderful experience.

Written by : Darma Yanti
Short Story of Lhok Nga Beach
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